About Us
Union Global Partners is a consortium of Nigerian and international investors formed to recapitalise Union Bank of Nigeria. Union Global Partners mission is to transform Union Bank into a leading bank in Nigeria which builds long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders. Union Global Partners plans to achieve this mission through investing in systems, processes and infrastructure to deliver customer-centric products and services.

Union Bank is one of Nigeria’s leading banks with a strong heritage and a pedigree brand. It has a nationwide network of over 400 branches and a diversity of financial services subsidiaries, including a UK branch based in London.

Union Global Partners has six core investors including (in alphabetical order) African Capital Alliance, African Development Corporation, Corsair Capital, FMO, the Clermont Group, and Standard Chartered Private Equity. Together, the Union Global Partners investors bring a wealth of experience in transforming financial institutions in emerging markets through strategic planning, infrastructure investments, and introducing world-class standards of corporate governance.